WINMOST – We keep on transcending to keep you winning.

Guangzhou Winmost Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in researching and manufacturing of hydraulic components and power integration solutions. Established in 2000 and inherited with Found Fair Group’s 40-year expertise in plastic and rubber manufacturing; Winmost delivers hydraulic solutions with higher efficiency, more eco-friendly and innovation to broad range of industrial clients.

Winmost’s concrete domain knowledge delivers best-in-class components, solidly built in highly automation production lines, to effectively boosts clients’ products competitiveness.

Winmost focuses on delivering quality products in three categories: pumps, valves, and servos. Products include variable vane pumps, external gear pumps, electromagnetic valves, directional control valves, pressure control valves, and hydraulic stations. All products are widely applied in machine tools, light industry machinery, and engineering machinery.

Possessing high-precision inspection equipment in-house, strict quality control systems, ISO9001:2008, CE, CSE and China high-tech enterprise certifications; Winmost pledges to be clients’ solid partner to pursue perfection with its strong development and manufacturing teams, solid distribution channels, and well-round after service.

To innovate, to achieve, and win-win are more important than victory to us.

We have the aspirations to solve problems and the passion to accomplish breakthroughs. We deliver solutions instead of just products. The mission of “To Innovate, To Achieve, To Win-Win” is more important than our victory.

We pursuit the best-in-class innovation and energy conservation through numerous patents in hydraulic controlling fields and significant development investment. We are confident in delivering hydraulic solutions to clients beyond their expectation.
Committed to self-breakthrough, our innovation is the key to keep flexibility. We continuously improve competitiveness for clients with our outstanding techniques.
We treasure each opportunity with clients and expect to grow together. Winmost is your trusted partner with our total solution and teams to strengthen your competitiveness.

Powered by the rapid response and speed performance of our service system, Winmost’s servo pump solution can save energy up to 80%.

High revolution speed means high efficiency. The hydraulic system response time can be reduced to 20ms, significantly increase overall operation speed.

The low-noise gear pumps reduces noise level of the machine to lower than 72dB, which improves working environment quality.

Our solutions can achieve 0.1mm precision with repeatable position and pressure control. The repeat position accuracy can be even improved to 0.3% using high precision molds or toolings. Our fast and reliable PLD algorithm also stabilize system pressure fluctuation to below ±0.5 bar, effectively improves products’ overall quality.

Brand Story
Boosting momentum, surging enthusiasm
“We love to share and cooperate to achieve win-win”
“We love to share and cooperate to achieve win-win”

Inherited with the spirit of Found Fair Group’s chairman, Winmost has a non-stop enthusiasm to pursue technical excellence for over 20 years. We believe every innovation we created helps to achieve win-win with our industrial partners.

“We bear missions: every problem leads to an opportunity”
“We bear missions: every problem leads to an opportunity”

Every single client’s problem is our target to solve. Our mission is to stand with client, treating problem as an opportunity and co-working to create more values and ideas.

Found Fair Plastic Co., Ltd. was established to supply plastic footwear materials, including ABS injected heels, and soles in TPR, TR, TPU, PVC, and PU materials. Found Fair has become a strategic partner to top-tier footwear brands worldwide.

Found Fair’s products are highly popular for its product variety and excellent quality. China office was established, and production line expanded, which set the target of becoming a leading insoles provider worldwide.
Guangzhou Lead Fair Plastic Co., Ltd. was established to supply footcare products and plastic parts for medical and electronic devices. This integrated Found Fair Group’s vertical Supply chains.
To strengthen growth momentum, Taiwan Found Chang Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded to provide hydraulic components and system integration services as a new business expedition.
The establishment of Guangzhou Panyu Tontex Plastic Co., Ltd. is to expand product portfolio by providing SBS and SEBS eco-friendly materials. It offers total solution and high-quality service to clients with one-stop service of development, application, production, sales, and service.
Guangzhou Winmost Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded to provide best-in-class hydraulic component and total solutions with development, production, and sales to industrial clients.
The founding of Guangzhou Fast Sonic Plastic Co., Ltd. is to deliver products and service in polymer, rubber, plastic, molds designing, product development, injection production, and final assembly.
Taiwan Found Chang Machinery Co., Ltd. was established as the foundation of Winmost.
Guangzhou Winmost Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded to serve global market with WINMOST brand.
Relocated to Shiji Xinqiao Factory to fulfill growing business demand.
Relocated to Shiji Tontex Industrial Park.
Renamed as “Guangzhou Winmost Precision Machinery Co., Ltd”.
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